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21 Unique Ice Skating Birthday Party Favors

Do you have a birthday party coming up and you’re looking for some great ice skating party favors? Check out this list of themed ice skating party favors!

These adorable items can add a little bit of fun to your party and make it even more memorable.

From edible treats to useful items, we’ve got something for everyone.

Whether you’re planning a teen party or an all-ages bash, our ideas for ice skating party favors are sure to make the event extra special!

ice skating party favor ideas

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Ice Skating Birthday Party Favor Ideas

When you’re throwing a birthday party, the little things can make a big impact. Ice skating birthday party favors are the perfect way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate with you.

They can also be a lot of fun for everyone involved!

The perfect ice skating birthday party favors are something fun and unique that your guests will enjoy. 

Ice skating birthday party favors can be simple or elaborate, depending on your party theme. You can give each of your guests a cute cookie to go home with or you can do a fully-fledged goody bag.

Here are a few ideas for ice skating birthday party favors:

Give each of your guests something personalized.  This is a great way to get everyone involved in the fun!

Send your guests home with a small bag of candy or treats. This is a sweet way to say goodbye!

 Give each guest a special thank-you card from you and your child. This is a personal touch that they will appreciate!

Consider including a small gift card to a hot chocolate cafe or bookstore instead of a goody bag. 

21 Best Ice Skating Party Favors

Snowflake Party Favors

ice skating birthday party favors

Make your life easy with these simple birthday party favors in a snowflake theme.

The package includes mini pots of slime, sticky snowflakes and bubbles.

Glacier Iceberg Frozen Winter Slime Putty

winter slime putty

This non-toxic iceberg slime is perfect for an ice skating birthday party favor and is always a hit with the kids!

Ice Skating Hair Ties

ice skating hair ties

These ice skating hair ties from Etsy come in a pack of 10 making them great for your ice skating party loot bags.

Instant Snow Powder

instant snow powder

Just add water and watch this powder erupt into snow in seconds!

No stirring or mixing is required. Easy to follow instructions are included.

Watch as your artificial snow mix grows 100 times its size!

Figure Skating Scrunchies

ice skating party favors

Scrunchies are all the rage now but in the skating world, they never went out of style!

If you have a lot of girls attending your party, a bulk order of scrunchies is a low-cost way to give great party favors.

Combine them with some gloves and hot chocolate and you are good to go!

Nail Polish

Frozen nail polish

This is one easy favor If you have little girls at your ice skating part.

Buy a large set of nail polish like this one and then split the bottles up so each girl gets one.

It works out much more cost effective than buying bottles separately.

Candy Skewers

frozen candy kabob for ice skating party favors

Here is another easy DIY party favor that you can easily whip up at home.

Just gather some ice skating/winter themed candies and a wooden skewer and then wrap in cellophane before handing out.

Magic Gloves

magic gloves
ice skating party favors

A little pair of gloves are one of the best favors for a kids birthday party that involves winter sports such as ice skating.

Personalized Figure Skating Notebooks

Figure skating party favors

These personalized notebooks from Etsy are a really special way to thank your guests for attending your ice skating party.

Ice Princess Wands

ice skating birthday party favors

If you have little girls attending your ice skating party, why not give them all one of these snow queen wands as a party favor?

Light Up Jelly Rings

light up jelly rings

These light up rings are super fun for kids and make a budget-friendly ice skating party favor.

Ice Skate Bracelets

ice skating bracelet party favor

These ice skate bracelets from Etsy make great ice skating party favors.

You’ll get a package of 10 for a great price and they are sure to be a hit!

Snowflake Pop Toy

snowflake push pop

These push pop fidget toys are made of food grade silicone material and perfectly themed for your ice skating party.

Ice Skate Lollipops

ice skating party favor ideas

Etsy store CandiedCakes offers these adorable ice skate suckers in different colors and tons of different flavors.

Snowflake Stickers

snow flake stickers

Stickers are always great for putting into party goody bags and these snowflake ones will go great with an ice skating party theme.

Hot Chocolate Packet

hot chocolate single serve packets

Single serve hot chocolate packets are perfect for putting in a goody bag at an ice skating party.

Pair them with some gloves and you have a really cute party favor.

Cozy Winter Socks

ice skating birthday party favors

This 6 pack of winter themed socks is perfect for putting in loot bags at an ice skating party.

Old Fashioned Rock Candy

old fashioned rock candy

This rock candy looks just like crystallized ice and is one of my favorite ice skating party favors!

Ice Skate Bead Bracelet

ice skating party favors

These ice skating bracelets are good value and great for younger kids attending your party.

Ice Skate Cookies

how to decorate ice skate cookies

Order from a bakery or make your own using our easy to follow instructions, these ice skating cookies make a great party favor.

Just pop in a cellophane bag and tie with a ribbon.

Personalized Tote Bags

ice skating party favor bags

These little bags from Etsy work great as goody bags or as mini bags for taking essentials to the rink.

Ice Skating Party Favors: Final Thoughts

Ice skating birthday party favors are the perfect way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate your birthday with you.

Not only are they a fun diversion, but they’re also a great way to get some exercise. If you’re looking for the perfect party favor, consider giving your guests ice skating passes or vouchers.

You can find these at most skating rinks, and they make a great memento of your special day.

ice skating birthday party ideas