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12 Ice Skating Games That Are Tons Of Fun

Are you looking some fun ice skating games to play at the rink? Whether you are a coach who is looking for some fun games to incorporate into your ice skating lessons or you are hosting an ice skating party and need somethign to entertain the kids, we have you covered!

From easy ice skating games for beginners to games that even adults enjoy playing these games are perfect for your next time on ice. 

The great thing about lots of these ice skating activities is that you don’t need much equipment or special props, all you need is a sense of fun and your skates!

Ready? Let’s get started!

ice skating games

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Ice Skating Games For Beginners

Even people who are just learning to skate can have fun with some easy games. In fact, many skating coaches use games as a way to keep little skaters interested and learning without realizing. 

Here are some games that are great for beginners:

1. Red Light, Green Light

This simple playground game is perfect for practicing skating stops. Have all the skaters line up and then the coach says “green light,” all of the skaters’ race down the rink.

When they hear ” Red Light” they have to stop as quickly as they can.   The first skater to the end of the rink wins!

2. Statues

A different take on Red Light, Green Light is a classic game of statues. In this game, one person is “it: or the judge and they stand at one end with their back to the rest of the skaters. The other skaters have to skate as close to this skater as possible. When the person who is “it” turns around, everyone has to freeze. 

If the judge sees anyone moving, they are out. The game continues until someone reaches the line where the judge is standing. They are the winner. 

3. Colored Eggs

Have one person be “The Wolf” and have each person think of a color for their “egg”.  Choose home base (one end of the rink makes sense). 

Have the wolf start guessing colors. If he/she calls out your color, you have to run past the wolf and back to home base without getting caught. 

ice skating games

4. Freeze Skate

This is the ice skating version of Musical Statues and it is a lot of fun. 

Everyone skates around the rink while music plays.  Randomly stop the music, and  everyone has to freeze. The last player to “freeze” when the music stops is out. 

Repeat until only one skater is left standing. They win. 

5. Fill The Bucket

If you want a silly game that kids love, it doesn’t get more simple than Fill The Bucket. All you need is a huge basket of balls, they can be small ball pit balls or larger soccer sized balls. 

All you have to do is split the kids into teams and give each team a large bucket. Then tip all the balls out on the ice and get the kids to collect them. Whichever team has the most balls in their bucket at the end is the winner. 

More Ice Skating Games

6.  Follow The Leader

Another really fun ice skating game that kids love playing is Follow the leader. One person is the leader and everyone lines up behind them. 

Whatever the leader does, everyone else has to do. This can be silly hand movements to more advanced skating moves depending on the level of the skaters in the group. 

7. Mini Olympics

Set up a mini obstacle course on the ice. You can tailor this according to your skaters ability. 

Some ideas for your obstacle course:

  • Mini hockey (you can buy mini hockey sticks and use cones as a goal).
  • Mini curling
  • Crawling through a tunnel on the ice
  • Weaving in and out of cones

ice skating games

8. Bean Bag Races

All you need for this game are some bean bags. Each skater puts a bean bag on their head and skates along the rink seeing how long they can keep it on for. You can even turn this into a relay race if you like to make it even more fun. 

9. Four Corners

Number each corner of the ice skating rink. Write the numbers on pieces of paper and place them inside of a bag or pot. 

Play some music and have the kids skate around the rink. When the music stops, everyone must skate to one of the corners. Pull one of the notes out of the ice skate and call out the number or color.

Everyone in that corner is out of the game. Put the paper back into the skate, start the music again and continue playing until only one skater remains. That player is the winner.


10. Crows & Cranes

Divide the skaters into 2 equal teams. Each team stands on each side of the centre red line. When the coach calls out “Cranes” they chase the “Crows” and vice versa.

The skaters being chased try to get to their blue line before being tagged. If any skater gets tagged they become members of the chasing team. Once all remaining members of the chased team are on the blue line, the teams return to the red line for another round.

11. Reverse Frozen Tag

All skaters are “it” and they have to try to tag each other. If a skater gets tagged on the back they are frozen, the last one not frozen is the winner.

12. Balloon Race

Spilt the group into teams and they have to try and get a balloon all the way down the ice without it ever touching the ice surface.  If it hits the ice – you go back to the start line and begin again . 

The Best Ice Skating Games To Play – Final Thoughts

We hope you like this list of fun ice skating games to play. They are suitable for all levels of skater and can make skating much more fun and exciting. 

ice skating games