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50 Best Ice Skating Movies Of All Time

Are you looking for a great movie about ice skating? You’ve come to the right place because in this article we have a list of the 50 greatest ice skating movies of all time. 

From romantic ice skating movies to the more dramatic figure skating stories, you will be excited to lace up and hit the ice in no time after a movie night watching one of these films. 

I’ve included everything from TV shows on Netflix to Disney ice skating movies that are perfect for watching with kids. 

So get the popcorn ready and let’s start watching!

The best ice skating movie of all times

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The Best Figure Skating Movies

My top picks (or should that be toe picks?) for a great movie about figure skating include the following amazing options (I’ve also thrown some awesome figure skating TV shows in too):

I, Tonya

I, Tonya is the true story of one of the most famous figure skaters of all time -American skater Tonya Harding who incidentally was the first woman to do a triple axel in competition.

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Kiss And Cry

kiss and cry movie

Kiss and Cry is a teen tearjerker about the true story of a figure skater with a rare form of cancer.

Watch it on Amazon Prime or Netflix

The Petrichor (2020)

Maya is a former figure skater who, due to personal tragedy, fails her first two attempts at senior international competition. At age 30 she decides to get back on the ice to try again.

Watch the trailer for The Petrichor here.

Ice Girls (2016)

Ice girls ice skating movie

This is a super popular teen ice skating movie about a girl who gets injured at a competition but then goes on to rehab her injury.

Watch it on Amazon Prime

Blades Of Glory (2007)

In this hilarious comedy, two figure skaters are forced to team up in order to get back into the competition.

Watch it on Amazon Prime and Netflix

The Ice King (2018)

The Ice King - figure skating movies

This moving story is about Gold medal winner who becomes the first openly homosexual skater at a time when being gay was barely legal.

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Skating Through It (2012)

This short film follows 3 adult skater as they prepare for competition. It gets great reviews on Amazon.

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One In A Million (1936)

One in a million Sonja Henie movie
 one in a million Sonja Henie

If you are a fan of old movies, then this classic starring World class skater Sonja Henie as a figure skater who is spotted by an American Theatrical manager and brought to Madison Square Gardens.

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Ice: The Movie (2018)

Nick Grantham is approached by famed figure skating coach Gavin Veerak with the opportunity to train his daughter Bailey alongside skating prodigy Peyton Shaw for a shot at figure skating’s ultimate prize in this classic movie.

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Tessa And Scott (2018)

Watch Canada’s Sweethearts as they give you a peek behind the scenes of their 2018 Olympic Gold Medal Ice Skating performance.

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A Promise Kept : The Oksana Baiul Story

The Oksana Baiul Story- ice skating movies

This movie documents the incredible life of Russian skater, Oksana Baiul, a Russian orphan who overcomes many obstacles, including political turmoil, tragedy and brutal training to become an Olympic figure-skating gold medalist.

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Spinning Out (2019)

Spinning out Netflix TV show

I love this Netflix series about a skater who is trying to get her mojo back after a bad fall.

Look out for Olympian Maddie Schizas who was the stunt double in this fantastic ice skating movie.

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Silver Skates (2020)

Silver skates Netflix movie

This Netflix movie is about a petty thief on skates who captures the heart of an aristocrat’s daughter.

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Skates Of Courage (1988)

This made for TV movie is about a young Canadian girl who becomes a World Class figure skater

Watch on YouTube

My Life On Ice (2003)

My life on ice movie about ice skating

This French movie shows how a 16-year old French student and figure skater uses a gift digital camera to explore his world and his relationships.

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Carmen On Ice (1990)

Carmen on ice movie

This movie featuring top figure skaters Brian Orser and Katherine Witt tells the classic story of Carmen with an ice skating twist.

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Zero Chill (2021)

This Netflix show portrays the MacBentley twins, one a figure skater and the other a hockey play as they move from Toronto to the UK.

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Romantic Ice Skating Movies

Combine the ice with romance and you have some of the best figure skating movies ever made, here are our top picks:

Ice Castles (2001)

Ice Castles movie about ice skating

This tearjerker always tops the list for romantic movies about ice skating. It gets amazing reviews.

It is about a young figure on her way to the top when she suffers a freak accident.

Watch it on Amazon

Love On Ice (2021)

Love on Ice Figure Skating movie

This Hallmark movie is all about a a former figure skater who gets another chance at glory.

Watch on Hallmark

Ice Dreams (2010)

Ice dreams movie about figure skating

In this cute ice skating movie, a writer inherits an old ice rink and works with some skaters to fulfil their dreams

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The Cutting Edge (1992)

The Cutting Edge - one of the best ice skating movies of all time

This is one of the most famous ice skating movies of all time and is one that many people know even if they are not figure skating fans.

A hockey skater and a figure skater team up to reach their dreams of Olympic gold.

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A Snow Capped Christmas (2016)

Hallmark and romantic Christmas films really are a treasure trove of ice skating movies and a Snow Capped Christmas is one of the best.

It is also called Falling For Christmas on some platforms.

An injured figure skater is sent to a mountain retreat to recuperate and meets an ice fisherman who changes her life.

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The Cutting Edge 2: Going For Gold

The Cutting Edge 2: Going For Gold

The second movie in the Cutting Edge series pairs a figure skater with a skateboarder in their attempt for Olympic gold.

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Christmas At The Palace (2019)

Christmas at the palace

A professional ice skater is hired to help a king prepare for a Christmas performance.

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The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing The Dream (2008)

The best ice skating movies of all time

The third movie in the series sees a male ice skater who needs to find a new partner if he wants to compete.

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Ronnie And Julie (1997)

This ice skating take on the classic Romeo and Juliet combines hockey and figure skating this is romantic tale.

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The Cutting Edge 4: Fire And Ice (2010)

The Cutting Edge fire and ice skating movie

In the fire and ice skating movie, a pairs skater comes together with a bad boy speed skater to make a winning partnership.

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Christmas On Ice (2020)

Christmas on Ice- figure skating movie

A former champion figure skater turned coach fights the city to keep the outdoor rink open as she plans a Christmas Carnival for her young skaters.

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Champions: A Love Story (1979)

Champions: A Love Story

This is good skating movie showing what skaters have to go through to become competitors. The love story between the skaters has an unexpected ending making this a fan favorite.

Disney Ice Skating Movies

Although there aren’t too many movies about ice skating by Disney, the ones they do have are pretty awesome!

Go Figure (2005)

Go Figure Disney ice skating movie

This movie is about a talented young skater who has to pretend to be a hockey player in order to be coached at an elite boarding school.

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Ice Princesses (2005)

Ice Princess Disney figure skating movies

This is one of the most popular ice skating movies around and it is perfect for teens who love ice skating.

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Miracle (2004)

Miracle Disney ice skating movie

Kurt Russell stars in this movie about a hockey player who coaches the Olympic Gold medal team

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Movies About Hockey And Skating

If you love hockey and are looking for some movies that combine both figure skating and hockey, here are some of the best.

The Mighty Ducks (1992)

A hotshot lawyer is ordered to coach a Peewee hockey team as punishment. Hilarity ensues.

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Skating To New York (2015)

Skating to New York ice skating movie

A group of young Canadian hockey players decide to try something never done before – skate from Ontario to New York on the coldest day of the year.

Watch on DVD

Ice Angel (2000)

Ice Angel movie with Nancy Kerrigan and Tara Lipinski

Nancy Kerrigan and Tara Lipinski star in this movie about a hockey player and a figure skater who die on the same day. The hockey player is reborn in the body of the skater.

You may also see this movie called “On Thin Ice”.

Watch on YouTube

Mystery, Alaska (2000)

Burt Reynolds shines as an old man who was a hockey star in his college years in this star studded movie.

Russell Crow portrays a hometown sheriff who is threatened by the arrival of his former romantic rival who has made it to the Big Apple and is back to shoot a movie.

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Goon (2011)

Goon - movie about hockey

A disillusioned bouncer ends up joining a hockey team thanks to his fighting skills.

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Ice Breakers (2021)

This documentary is about an underrepresented all-black hockey team in the USA.

Watch on Amazon Prime

The Last Big Save (2018)

A professional hockey player signs a one year contract only to ruin is due to substance abuse.

Watch on Amazon Prime

Ice Guardians (2016)

Ice Guardians Hockey movie

Great documentary explaining the role of an NHL enforcer. Whether you are for or against fighting in hockey, this gives an honest look at both sides of the equation. 

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Shows And Movies about Ice Skating For Kids

If you have a little one who loves ice skating, here are a few of my favorite ice skating shows for kids. Many of them are available on YouTube.

Angelina Ballerina: Dancing On Ice

This feature length show is really fun is your children are into ballet and ice skating. Join Angelina and friends as they prepare for an ice show.

Fancy Nancy Ice Skater Extraordinaire

Nancy is practically an expert at skating…while playing pretend in her living room! When Nancy and Bree head out on the ice for real, Nancy is 100% positive she’ll be an ice skater extraordinaire.

But Nancy learns that ice-skating is slipperier business than she thought.

Watch on Disney +

Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular

Dora's Ice skating spectacular

Get ready for a spectacular ice-skating adventure! Dora and Boots must skate to the rescue of the Snow Princess, Snow Fairy, and all their Snowy Forest friends when a mean Ice Witch takes everyone’s ice skates! 

Masha and the Bear Holiday On Ice

Masha wants to learn to ice skate but there is no one to teach her as bear has fallen asleep.

Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

Mickey Twice upon a Christmas

This collections contains 5 episodes including Belles On Ice which has Minnie and Daisy feeling a bit jealous during a skating competition.

Watch on Disney +

Mickey On Ice

This 1935 cartoon revolves around three different storylines that all take place on a frozen lake during wintertime. In the first, Mickey teaches Minnie to skate.

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus

Unable to understand why her parents are so overly protective and treat her like a child, the strong-willed teenager and talented ice-skater, Princess Annika, is about to discover a well-hidden secret.

Peppa Pig Ice Skating – Season 2: Episode 34

Peppa and George learn how to ice skate. Much to everyone’s surprise, George masters it without any help at all. Watch on YouTube.

Chicken Masked Mystery On Ice – Season 3: Episode 10

Barbie discovers that Trey is an amazing figure skater, but he skates wearing a mask out of fear that he’ll never be as good as his father, a champion skate

Ruby’s Ice Show

Max and his friends save the day when their sledding clears the ice so Ruby, Louise and Valerie can rehearse for their ice skating show.

The best ice skating movies of all time are in this list of 50 figure skating movies and movies about hockey.