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Ice Skating Moves Chart {Free Printable}

This free printable ice skating moves chart will help you keep your child busy during free skating time.

Have you ever run into this issue?

Your child absolutely loves private lessons but refuses to do anything but skate in circles when she doesn’t have a coach present.

Young skaters often don’t know how to practice on their own and need to be told what to do.

It can be frustrating as a parent to be watching your child just skate around aimlessly when you are paying a lot of money for ice time.

Older kids likely know that the elements and ice skating moves that they should be practicing but still, sometimes, during the freestyle lesson, it can feel like you are the coach.

You have to tell her what to do again and again.

I have experienced the same problem with my little skaters so I came up with a fun checklist that has kept them motivated and made the free time on the ice much more efficient.

At the bottom of this page you can print your own version of this checklist, then laminate for your child.

ice skating moves chart free printable

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Free Printable Ice Skating Elements Chart

If your child is a self-starter, then maybe you don’t have this issue.

In the ideal world she knows the things her coaches want her to practice.

She also keeps a running list of moves, spins and jumps she’s wanting to work on.

It helps her figure out what to do when she’s just kind of drifting and unsure of what to practice.

If your child need a bit more structure to their free time skating practice or you just want something new to keep them motivated, you will love this free printable ice skating moves chart.

I’ve tailored it for skaters who are learning the jumps and need to practice the basics.

If your child is doing double or triple jumps, they can also use these charts but they will likely be older and not need a printable chart.

For example my daughter is 6 year old. Her ice skating moves chart tells her to practice her waltz jump, salchow, toe loop and flip.

When it comes to spins, I want her to practice a one foot spin, a scratch spin and a camel spin etc.

ice skating moves chart free printable

Printable Ice Skating Moves Chart

Our handy printable skating moves list is just what you need to stay on track during public skates and during free skate sessions.

You can even use them for off ice practice (bonus points if you have an Off Ice Spinner. )

From jumps to field moves, it’s full of ideas that are sure to make skating extra fun.

Print out our handy list (available at the bottom of this post) and you are good to go.

Looking at it before practice will help you or your child to stay focused and be more organized.

You could also laminate it and use a dry erase marker to check things off and then tuck it away to reuse again each week.

I got myself this cheap laminator from Amazon and it is perfect for this kind of thing.

Tips For Using The Ice Skating Moves Chart

You can print out this chart to make a working schedule with check boxes.

One thing to note is that this chart includes the elements to practice but I did not include how long or how many repetition of each is required.

What I did was tell my kids that they need to do 5 of each thing on their list and that seems to have worked really well for us.

Another tip I have is to not necessarily give little kids the dry erase marker while they are on the ice. I found that they had so much fun ticking off the boxes that they wasted skating time.

Now, I give them the dry erase on the car ride home and let them check off the moves they completed.

You can click here to download and print the Ice Skating Moves Checklists.

ice skating moves chart free printable

Let us know if you print it and/or do any of the activities by tagging us in your Instagram photos @iceskatingguru.

We love seeing people enjoy our printables! 

ice skating moves chart free printable


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