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Best Off Ice Spinner {Figure Skating Spinners}

Lots of skaters ask “how can I improve my figure skating spins? While it seems logical to practice jumps on dry land, spins can be tricky. Luckily, in this post we will show the best off ice spinner that you can use at home to improve your spin technique.

This article will help you find the best figure skating spinner to improve your spins whether you are just starting out or are already on the competitive circuit.

We’ll cover everything you need to know:

  • What to look for in a spinner
  • How much figure skating spinners cost
  • The top brands to check out
  • The best exercises to do on your spinner
  • Our pick for the best off ice spinner in 2022
best off ice spinner

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This is a list of the best figure skating spinners.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your spins and general skating, it can be tough to get enough ice time.

For an in-home solution, a figure skating spinner can help you practice without breaking the bank.

The Best Off Ice Spinners

best off ice spinner

While many ice skaters are familiar with off ice training such as ballet and jump practice, not everyone considers how to practice their spins.

Good spins are a mandatory element in most skating programs, if you want to improve yours with an off ice spinner, here are 4 options to consider. 

1.Spinboard Skating Spinner

off ice spinner

This is the first figure skating spinner that I tried because it was recommended by our coaches. It is budget friendly and gets great reviews.

The Spinboard spinner is a simple piece of plastic with a non-slip top and is light enough for you to take on vacation or slip into your skating bag.

It definitely helps with spins; but it is important to have your weight placed correctly on your foot in order for it to work well. This in turn helps make sure you don’t get in the habit of being on the wrong part of your blade.

figure skating training devices


  • Very good value
  • Light and comes in a variety of colors
  • Does not damage hardwood floors


  • You need a relatively large space to use this spinner as it does move
  • Not easy to practice entries or wind-ups on it
  • The curvature is a little too much to really simulate on-ice spins

Although the Spinboard spinner does not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other spinners, it’s the perfect beginner spinner if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend too much.

Click the picture to buy the Spinboard Spinner.

2. Jerry’s Metal Spinner

Jerry spinner

This type of spinner is considered more of a premium off ice training device and it is the subject of many impressive Instagram stories.

The Jerry spinner works much like a Lazy Susan in that it is locked in place and consists of 2 metal plates with bearings that allow the top plate to spin.

figure skater spinner canada


  • Easy to use in small areas
  • Can be used on any kind of flooring (including carpet)
  • Spins both ways
  • Good for heavier users


  • They are heavy (around 1lb)
  • The flat surface does not replicate how you spin in skates
  • It can be difficult to your spins on this kind of spinner as they are very fast.

The key to using this type of spinner is to place your foot off-center, to simulate the non-centered motion of the foot in a skating spin.

If you want to get used to spinning very fast, this is a great option but it is bets used in conjunction with one of the moveable types of spinner so that you don’t develop bad habits.

Click the picture to buy the Jerry Spinner.

3. Edea Spinner

Edea spinner reviews

The Edea spinner is one of the most simple figure skating training devices that actually packs a punch.

Made of light plastic and in lots of fun designs, this spinner crosses the bridge between the Spinboard spinner and the Jerry spinner to give you a great way to practice spins, landings and jumps.

What is an Edea spinner?

 The EDEA Spinner is a lightweight tool that can help you to simulate spinning positions when you can’t make it to the rink.

It has a wide lateral base that makes it easy to mimic skating movements on the ice, improving posture, balance and strengthening your core.

Edea spinner


  • Allows you to find your center of balance easier than a Spinboard spinner
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Ideal curve to replicate the feel of spinning with skates


  • People have mentioned it can scratch hardwood floors
  • Expensive for what it is (a simple one piece of nylon)
  •  If your feet are large, they may overhang the spinner

Italian skate maker Edea have created one of the best off ice spinners with this simple design.

We found it easy to use and much quicker to get used to compared with both the Lazy Susan style and the curved Spinboards.

The different patterns and light shape make it a great option for children who are just starting out with their skating spins.

Click the picture to buy the Edea Spinner:

4. Elite Spinner

best figure skating spinner

The Elite Spinner is a premium off ice spinner used by the likes of Nathen Chen and other top figure skaters.

Designed with a unique compact shape and slimline design, the Elite Spinner is the only spinner on this list that is customized for clockwise or counter-clockwise spinners.


  • The thinnest and lightest Spinner on the market
  • Designed to help increase your spinning and air rotation speed. 
  • Can be used for spins, jumps and twizzles


  • Very expensive (around $500-700)
  • Flat surface does not replicate the curve of your skate blades
  • Fixed position similar to the Jerry’s spinner

The Elite Spinner is known as the gold standard in figure skating training devices and it gets great reviews from both Olympians and novice skaters alike.

The cost can be prohibitive so it is perhaps not worth buying as your first spinner unless money is no issue.

What Is The Best Off Ice Spinner ? – Final Thoughts

Here is a quick look at the first three spinners in motion:

Based on the cost and ability to get as close to your on-ice spins as possible, our top pick here at Ice Skating Guru is the Edea Spinner.

It is not too expensive and can help to improve your spins by strengthening your core.

You can buy the Edea spinner at skate stores and on Amazon (that’s where we got ours!).

By the way, if you are looking for a figure skating spinner in Canada, I bought my Spinboard, Jerry’s spinner and the Edea all from

where to buy an Edea Spinner

The Best Figure Skating Spinner – FAQs

Are Off Ice Spinners Worth It?

One of the major issues skaters face is a lack of ice time. Rinks have certain open hours and paying for ice can be expensive.

For this reason off ice devices such as spinners are popular ways to try and recreate the feeling of skating at home.

Many off ice coaches and centers also recommend spinners as a way to improve not only spins but landings too.

Add to the fact that you can buy a good off ice spinner for less than $100 and you can see why they get so many recommendations.

How Do You Use A Figure Skating Spinner?

An off ice spinner can help with basic spins if used properly.

It will allow you to learn to find your center, and where your free leg should be held while spinning properly.

It is also helpful when learning backspins and even more advanced spins once you get your balance.

Another great use for a spinner that is to practice the single jumps, especially toe jumps such as the loop and toe loop.

Pros and Cons Of Using A Spinner

A figure skating spinner will never be able to replace your on ice practice but it can be helpful at teaching you to stabilize your core while spinning so that you are on the ice it is easier.

Here are some of the major pros and cons of using one:


  • Cheap
  • Allow you to practice when you cannot get on the ice
  • Can help with balance as part of an off ice training routine
  • Easy to transport on vacation or to use in hotel rooms


  • Spinners do not have edges so not a perfect way to replicate on ice spins
  • Can damage hardwood floors
  • May not imitate spinning on ice well

What Other Off Ice Training Should You Try?

Ask any figure skating coach and they will tell you that cross training and off ice exercise can help to really take your skating to the next level.

Here are some of the best ways to train on dry land:

  • Ballet
  • Jump Class
  • Yoga
  • Core Conditioning
The best off ice spinners to improve your figure skating spins