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How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Ice Skate?

Ice skating is a fun winter activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It can also be a great form of exercise. But how long does it take to learn to ice skate? And is there anything that can make the process quicker

Before you can enjoy all of the thrills of being out on the ice, you first have to learn how to ice skate. Learning how to ice skate can be easier said than done.

But, if you’re willing to practice consistently, you will be skating like a pro in no time. In this article, we will skate you through all of the different factors that you will want to keep in mind when you are learning how to ice skate.

How long does it take to ice skate

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How Long Does It Take To Learn To Ice Skate?

So how long does it take to learn how to ice skate? The answer to this question depends on a few different factors. Some of the most important contributors to building your skills out on the ice are consistency and hard work. Don’t get discouraged if you have a rough day at practice, everyone does! The key is getting back up after you fall and being willing to try it all over and over again until you can finally hit the ice with confidence. You can do this!

How Long Does It Take to Learn the Basics of Ice Skating?

Learning how to skate the basics won’t take you as long as you might think! In fact, you can expect to be able to glide along the ice with ease after 7 to 10 hours of practice.

Obviously, you don’t have to complete several hours of skating all in one day.

Experts recommend practicing ice skating about once or twice per week for an hour or two at a time.

This will give your brain time to relax in between sessions and ensure that you are refreshed and ready to go for your next practice out on the rink.

If you are consistent and stick to this practice schedule, you will be skating the basics with ease in two months or less!

Should I take lessons to learn to ice skate?

One of the best options for beginners learning how to ice skate is to take a group lesson.

This is a wonderful way to learn the basics of balance and figure out how to glide along the ice without toppling over.

The best part of group skating lessons is that pretty much everyone in your class will be new to the ice, so you don’t have to worry about anyone skating circles around you or embarrassing yourself.

Your instructor will guide you through the basics and teach you how to fall properly so that you don’t accidentally injure yourself.

Remember, just like learning any new skill, ice skating will be hard at first.

Even the best ice skaters in the world struggled to learn certain skills and techniques. The way that they worked through their weaknesses and started nailing complex tricks is through consistent practice.

If you have a bad day (or two) at practice, that’s okay! The trick to learning how to ice skate isn’t being perfect right off the bat, it’s consistency and hard work.

Why Do Some People Learn How to Skate Faster Than Others?

When it comes to learning new skills, some people will catch on quicker than others. This also applies to learning how to ice skate. Here are a few factors that can affect how quickly someone learns how to ice skate.

Previous Skating Experience

If you have previous experience with skating of any kind, getting out on the ice for the first time will feel more natural for you. This goes for rollerblading, inline skating, and more!

Young Age

When it comes to taking on new skills, it seems like younger people can learn and apply knowledge much more quickly than older people.


There are a few things that contribute to this difference among ages, such as higher energy, more enthusiasm, and adaptability. This isn’t to say that you can’t learn how to ice skate if you are older. Anyone can learn how to ice skate regardless of their age, it just might take a bit longer for older people.

Fitness Level

Another thing that contributes to how quickly you can learn how to skate is how physically fit you are. Ice skating is a physically demanding artistic sport.

Being physically fit can help you achieve better balance on the ice and help you with coordination. Both of these things are essential to learning how to ice skate.

Our Tips for Learning How to Ice Skate

Although it will take most people about one to two months on average to be able to ice skate, by keeping some important things in mind you can learn to ice skate even faster. Here are some of our top tips for learning how to ice skate.

Get Properly Fitting Skates

When you are first learning how to ice skate, most people rent skates, instead of buying them. 

Not only can this save you some money if you choose not to pursue skating as a long-term hobby, but the fit of your skates is super important to learn how to skate properly.

If your rented skates are ill-fitting or uncomfortable, you can simply exchange them for a pair that fit you better.

This can also help you determine which size and model of ice skates you prefer if you do decide to invest in your own pair down the line.

Use a Prop for Balance

To get the feel of skating, it’s okay to rely on a prop for balance at first.

This can be the railing or the boards along the outside of the rink or even a chair with tennis balls on the bottom.

As you improve your balance and find your center on the ice, you can wean yourself off of these props. Eventually, you will be able to glide along the ice effortlessly without needing a prop to catch yourself on.

It’s Okay to Fall

Everyone falls a ton when they are first learning how to ice skate. Don’t let this shake you up, just get back up and keep trying. Embracing falling as a part of learning how to ice skate will help you conquer your fears and improve your skating ability quicker.

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How long does it take to learn to ice skate