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25 Fun Ice Skating Pick Up Lines

There’s something about ice skating that makes people really open up and let their guard down. It’s the perfect opportunity to say something cheesy and get a reaction. These are some of the best ice skating pick up lines that will make your date laugh and want to go on another date with you. 

Note that these pick up lines are just for fun and results are not guaranteed. If you are looking to have some humour at the ice rink, then these are the skating pick up lines for you!

ice skating pick up lines

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The Best Ice Skating Pick Up Lines

the most romantic ice skating pick up lines

Ice skating can be a really fun activity and it can also be a great place to meet a new crush. If you find yourself at the rink and have your eye on someone special, try your luck with one of these ice skating one liners:

Romantic Ice Skating Pick Up Lines

I bet you could skate circles around anyone else out there.

You make my heart flip

They say opposites attract, you can be the fire and I can be the ice? 

Those skates look tight, can I give you a foot massage?

You’re like a triple axel…you take my breath away.

Your spins are out of this world!

What do you say we get out of here and do some off ice training?

I’m no ice dancer, but I can definitely do with practicing my twizzles with you

You make my heart race like a triple axel

I can’t believe the ice isn’t melting with someone as hot as you on it. 

Can you show me how to use your toe pick?

Will you be my ice queen?

Glide on over and let’s chat

Want to make out on the Zamboni?

If I was your skating partner, I couldn’t do the throws as I could never let you go

Can I help you out of those figure skates?

With a figure like that you must be a skater!

Do you need help with your spiral stretches?

You’re a +3 GOE to me

Naughty Ice Skating Pick Up Lines

Let’s role play! You be Tessa and I’ll be Scott. 

You’ll be falling on something harder than the ice tonight

Would you like to ice dance?…… Horizontally!

Can you do those positions off the ice as well?

Do you perform that well everywhere you go?

Let’s head to the bedroom and I’ll show you what a gold medal performance is all about

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ice skating pick up lines